Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Richmond Raiders Win in Painful Fashion 59-56

The Richmond Raiders edged out the Trenton Steel 59-56 in a costly win this evening at the Richmond Colesium.

The opening kickoff had the Raiders receive, and DB Larry Williams took the first play of the season all the way to the endzone bringing the Raiders up 7 - 0.  Steel QB EJ Nemeth answered with a 45 yard touchdown pass on the ensuing posession and tied up the game.  QB Bryan Randall would spend rest of the half targeting WR Redd Thomspon repeatedly, including three touchdowns passes. At half time the Raiders trailed 27-28.

During the third quarter, the dislike the two teams had for each other became apparent.  On every special teams play Raider DB Stephen Cason and Steel RB Keon Lattimore would trade blows, drawing several unsportsmanlike penalties for the home team.  in the third quarter K/WR Chris Segaar was injured, and the Raiders were forced to try for two points on every score.  This proved to be a major problem, as they were only able to convert once on three attempts..  During the third and fourth quarter, the two teams traded touchdowns back and forth, bringing the score to a Raider lead of 53-48 with five minutes remaining in the game.

At just under three minutes remaining, the Steel were on the 10 yard line looking at 4th and 6.  As QB EJ Nemeth passed the ball, it was tipped by the Raider defense and intercepted by DL Noland Burchette.  It was the defensive stop the Raiders were looking for all game.

On the next play, with 2:26 remaining, QB Bryan Randall was sacked by the Steel defense awkwardly and didn't get up.  Randall laid on the turf for several minutes, before being helped off the field by medical staff.  The stadium went silent.  Back up QB Aaron Alexander immediately came in, and on the next play threw a touchdown pass to WR Antwun Williams bringing the score to 59-48.  The Steel would score another touchdown, but after a failed onside kick attempt would fall to a final score of 59-56.

After the game, rumors immediately spread that Bryan Randall had torn his ACL and would be out for the rest of the season. Truly difficult to hear as a Raider fan.  Get well soon Bryan Randall.  Aaron Alexander's time to shine in the Capitol City has come.

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