Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The current state of things

What an off season it has been in Richmond, VA.  While both teams have the same owners and team names, just about everything else has changed. 

Starting with the Revolution: The Richmond Revolution had an outstanding season last year even while playing in the dirty Ashe center.  The team lost only one game in the regular season and were named IFL franchise of the year.  In addition, both Coach Steve Criswell and QB Bryan Randall won honors for their hard work.  Then the off season came and in the words of Lebron James, Coach Criswell decided to take his talents elsewhere.  Namely across town to the Richmond Raiders.  Along with Criswell came Randall, many Revolution players and his brother Gary who is currently the business operations manager for the Raiders.  After months of being without a skipper the Revolution nameTony Hawkins head coach. Where did Tony work? He was the QB coach for Benedictine HS.  Yes really.  Then after many more months of dodging questions the Revolution announced where they would play home games in the 2011 season. The outdoor facility at Sportsquest in Midlothian. Yes really. Indoor football, outside. With the season opener in Bloomington, IL the Revolution traveled to the Xtreme and were handed an ass kicking. Final score 44-6.

Its going to be a long year for the Revolution.

My final verdict: There is a reason ground hasn't broken yet in Midlothian on an indoor facility. That reason is capital.  There is no way the Revolution play indoors in 2012 unless they head back to the Ashe Center.

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