Friday, August 19, 2011

Breaking News

***None of the following has been confirmed by Raider management***
An anonymous source outside of Richmond has confirmed the Raiders will indeed leave the SIFL and move to a new league for the 2012 season.  This league will not be the UIFL or the IFL as I had previously stated, but a new league made up of some old SIFL teams.  If his information is correct the league would look like this:

Southeastern Conference:

1. Alabama
2. Albany
3. Columbus
4. Knoxville
5. Louisiana
6. Richmond

The Western Conference would be comprised of six teams all in Texas and would be known as the "Lone Star" conference. 
What this means:

In 2011 the Raiders lost twice to Albany and once to Columbus.  Alabama was terrible and was an easy home win.  Louisiana (formerly owned by Thom Hager) represented the Eastern conference in the SIFL championship game, and are strong competitors each year.
This would put Richmond into a very tough conference, but would be financially less costly than the IFL or UIFL.  The Raiders have played two seasons in two leagues, and at the end of each season each league failed.  The failure was not caused by the Fraizer family, but by cheap league owners that favored their own personal needs over the league (John Morris, Thom Hager).  This third league will give Elizabeth and Mike Fraizer some league control.  I expect an official announcement by August 28th.

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